We provide a range of eye care services. An eye exam in our office is a thorough eye evaluation as well as a determination of prescription for glasses.

1. General Eye Care
Our routine examinations test for ocular health (including glaucoma and cataracts), refractive error (prescription), binocular vision, and focusing ability. Special attention is given to a patient's health history because many general health problems may affect the eyes and vision. Patients of all ages are welcome and we are handicapped accessible.

2. Advanced Eye Care
Many people do not realize optometrists treat medical conditions also. Among many other conditions, our doctors treat pink eye, glaucoma, dry eye and eyelid problems, and removal of foreign bodies. We are providers for most medical insurance plans as well as vision plans. We have doctors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.

3. Pre and Post Operative Laser Vision Correction
Our office works with a number of refractive surgeons who provide Lasik refractive surgery. The doctors at the Eye Care Pavilion do provide pre-operative testing, referral to a well qualified refractive surgical center, and post-operative care.

4. Contact Lenses
All types of contact lenses are offered at the Eye Care Pavilion. The newest advances in contact lens materials and technology are available. We also specialize in custom contact lenses for the difficult to fit cases.